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How the company has evolved

The company’s job doesn’t end with finding the right tanneries, the selection of the hides and the delivery of the orders, but continues with some serious market research into what the industry wants.

This is why the company’s future plans include evaluating other sectors, for example, textiles, which go naturally arm in arm with leather.

A strategic choice, currently being examined by the company’s management, who may well decide to open the door to new avenues on
the market.


Quality is the watch word at Ruggeri Pellami and is guaranteed by Uni En Iso 9002 certification.
Maintaining Iso standards has made the internal organisation of the company more efficient and has improved the type of services offered to
the client. Deliveries are always punctual and scrupulously precise.
The company pays particular attention to training and making a correct use of its human resources: the young personnel were trained in-house and grew up with the company therefore ensuring excellent service both in the relationship with the customer and when handling orders or dealing with administration.
The company’s strategy puts the customer first, always, and is based on a mutually on-going and profitable association. This team-work, in addition to the careful selection of the tanneries the company represents precisely because of their abilities to satisfy the customer’s needs and solve problems, has made Ruggeri Pellami ‘the’ purchasing consultant, for leading leather goods companies in the international sector.

SINCERT marchio


Mediating research
and development

Mediation is the key word for Ruggeri Pellami the company which is based in San Giuliano Milanese on the outskirts of Milan, sees itself as a bridge between the tanneries it represents and their customers. The firm boasts two generations and fifty years’ worth of experience. The man who founded the firm, Cesare Ruggeri, left it in the capable hands of his son and
daughter Roberto and Annamaria and of his son-in-law Francisco Frione. The management structure they have created is decisive and go-ahead and has enriched the Ruggeri professional heritage and launched the company onto the domestic and international markets. Europe, the Far East and the United States, represent 75 per cent of the total turnover. A noteworthy result, reached thanks to a marketing strategy which tends towards making companies more visible through appearances at the most important trade fairs for the sector and ties to subagencies created in those markets with the greatest development potential.
But the secret of their success can be found in the tanneries they chose.
Selected with care and able to guarantee both quality products and a talent for finding solutions to any problems that may crop up. The range of articles on offer is truly enormous, destined for footwear, leather goods, luggage, riding equipment and furnishings, all perfectly in harmony with the latest fashion trends and produced using the most modern technology.

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