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About This Project

The best tradition, the enviable italian good taste, the most advanced production technology put our reptile leather among the most appreciated by italian and european leathergoods manufacturers. The availability of miniminum quantities too of most valuable reptile skins both in classical finishings and in the most fancy and advanced finishings together with the great number of colors allow us to offer to customers an unique service.

An example of the most valuable leather we deal in:

  • python diamond
  • python molurus
  • python curtus
  • anaconda
  • ostrich legs
  • crocodile flanks or sides
  • crocodile flanks or sides yacare’
  • american alligator
  • whips snake
  • tejus
  • ring lizard or java lizard or ring lizard
  • iguana
  • viper
  • karung
  • crocodile tails

The use of these items, even for trimming only, can increase the value of your productions and make them more saleable.

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